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True bestseller.
Not necessarily because it was that good but because Luxman ( Alpine then) produced so many of them that unsold stocks remained available for discount long, very long, after they had officially vanished from the lineups !
This applies mostly to the M-03 power amp, though.

The C-03 is a slimline preamp with Class A all over its circuits and low-impedance outputs but isn't a Single Stage design like the L-550 or L-430 , though.
Two shortcuts allow the signal to go faster : Phono Straight bypasses the input selector, tone controls, balance control and... subsonic control ! CD straight does the same thing.

MICA condensers, copper foiled caps, + and - tensions fed by separate windings everywhere plus the STAR grounding circuit (each block has its own ground and power supply for less mutual interference) and Duo-ßeta for optimal levels of negative feedback.
Discrete components throughout.

Making their appearance after the LV-105 in 1984 , the C-03 has three video inputs and one video output, all composite, hooked to a Video 2 (play only) and Video 1 (rec/play) audio terminals - on top of the two strictly audio tape loops.

The front output selector allows to switch between headphones or pre-out 1, 2 or 1+2 - too rare not to be mentioned.

The C-03 was distributed in Japan under the (surprising) sole Luxman badge and not the " Alpine/Luxman " tag inaugurated in 1984 . Alpine probably had understood it woud have been suicide to indirectly rename all of Luxman's production.

The japanese version could receive optional thick & shiny wood sideburns - something which makes the design come alive and terribly lacks to the M-03 .
All of the C-03s were naturally made in Alpine factories with an Alpine T-Tag and #A8081xxxxx serial number.

Luxman being Luxman whatever the owner, the C-03 saw a USA-only semi-equivalent version sans video but with an adjustable subwoofer output added : CX-100 . I sadly have found only very basic and tiny catalog mugshots of it so far.

If I could spend time digging further, I'd probably find another other C-03 version made exclusively for the then emerging market of south Patagonia !

The Marantz Music Link series was designed with a specific goal in mind: To provide absolutetly state-of-the-art-sonic performance in a rarely seen design package ...

Various - Power Music 03Various - Power Music 03Various - Power Music 03Various - Power Music 03

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